Yvonne Van Zummeren


La Gerbe : 3D printing based on the work of Matisse.

This 3D printed bracelet is made from nylon polyamide. It’s very flexible so you can easily put it on. But be careful, don’t bend it too far, it’s not unbreakable… It’s about 3,5 cm wide and becomes less wide at the end. The leafs differ in height, which results in a very nice and natural relief. Based upon the work “La Gerbe” by Matisse.

One of the techniques used by the French artist Henri Matisse was the cutting out of organic forms using colored paper (cut out technique) and laying them in such a way to form a vivid composition. ‘La Gerbe’ from 1953 is a good example and was his last great work before he died. A few years earlier, in the town of Vence in the south of France, the ‘Chapelle du Saint-Marie Rosaire’ was built. Matisse designed most of this chapel. The structure, furnishings, wall hangings, the clothing of the priest and the stained glass windows. These windows clearly demonstrate his cut out technique, and the colors that he used in them are symbols of the surrounds where the chapel stands. The cobalt blue symbolizes not only Maria, but also the Mediterranean Sea and the ever blue sky of southern France. The yellow stands for the sun and the green for the ever present green in nature. The bracelet from the 3D printer is inspired using this cut out technique from Matisse and shows the recognizable cut leaves and the vivid style in which they are positioned.


addictlab file:



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