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At Addictlab, it’s designweek every week.

Addictlab is an international independent creative lab active since 1997. The lab’s mission is to accelerate creative talent from different disciplines, countries and cultures, and generate innovation for companies and organisations by cocreation and collaboration.
Addictlab sets up dedicated labs, such as Touristlab, Chocolate Lab, Urban Green Lab to generate ideas and out of the box concepts.

This DESIGNWEEK app is focussing on the first part of Addictlab.com’s mission : showcasing talent from the Addictlab growing database. Because at Addictlab, it’s designweek every week.

Are you a designer? Are you creative in other fields?
In order to be showcased and selected for this designweek app or invited for other Addictlab research projects , you should register on addictlab.com and upload your most recent work.
Questions, remarks? Contact info@addictlab.com

Download the DESIGNWEEK APP here

Advertising & press:
please contact designweek@addictlab.com

Concept : Jan Van Mol
Developer : Kristof Van Landschoot




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